Problems Caused by Hard Water in Your Home and How to Fix Them?

Hard water seems to have become a rather common occurrence in homes today. While it is not an ideal condition, there are ways to help you manage this occurrence if you discover its presence in your home.

Hard water is a condition where water has an excessive amount of minerals present in your water. Water is made up of minerals and in a balanced combination, we have normal water, but when the balance is upset, you will still have water, but the water will be “hard water”. When hard water has occurred in your home, it will likely cause a few inconveniences, some of which include:

  • Inappropriate taste or smell: One of the basic qualities of water is lack of taste or smell. As children in elementary school, it’s one of the things we learn in the classroom. When there are excessive deposits of elements in your water, the properties of these elements can become pronounced in the water sample, therefore the smell and taste of these elements can become properties of the water, making it unfit for consumption, or general use in the home.
  • Stains on appliances and equipment: When you buy a new appliance, one of the things you love most about it is the way it sparkles. Water is used to wash and clean most of our appliances and equipment, and usually, it makes them look new once again. When hard water is used on appliance and equipment, it leaves tiny residues on these appliances and equipment. These residues are not visible as they are very tiny, but they begin to accumulate on these equipment and appliances until they become pronounced, and they result in stains, making our equipment and appliances look distasteful.
  • Clogged pipes: Drainage is one of the most important features of a house. With the amount of water we use in our homes daily, there would be unsanitary results in the absence of a good drainage system. The drainage system consists of a lot of pipes and all the water we make use of ends up flowing through the pipes. When hard water flows through your drainage, it leaves tiny deposits and each time more water flows, more elements are deposited. This accumulation continues until a substantial amount of residue is built up, enough to prevent the water flow from proceeding normally. A clogged pipe can have many ramifications, as it can cause damage to your drainage system, which can cause accumulation of water in certain locations, and stagnant water is a breeding ground for insects.
  • Skin irritations: In almost all the activities we undertake involving water, there is contact with our skin. Whether it’s doing the dishes or taking a bath or doing laundry, there is a lot of contact between our skin and water. When you use hard water for any of these functions and the water makes constant contact with your skin, it can cause irritation. The elements in the water are harmless in little quantities, but constant exposure to the quantities present in hard water will likely cause a reaction from your skin.


Once you notice any of these problems in your home, you don’t need to get worried, there are a lot of ways to solve these problems. Some of these solutions include:

  • Stain removal: If you notice stains consistent with hard water on your equipment, especially in the bathroom, and when you tried to remove it using regular soap and detergent, it didn’t seem to have the desired effect, there is not much of a problem. There are stain removers designed specifically to help rid you of stains caused by hard water. So the next time you see such stains in your shower, just look for how to remove hard water stains in the shower, and you won’t have that problem for much longer. If you are looking for water filter solutions, check out this post.
  • Water softener: Whether it’s a bad smell or taste, or a clogged pipe, or even skin irritation, the best way to solve this is to make use of a water softener. Water softeners release certain chemicals into the water that help dissolve the excessive elements and give you clean water that is free from side effects, and due to this fact investing in a water softener could go a long way, so you no longer have to worry about hard water.

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